Today, sustainability is a non-negotiable priority in corporate management

ohlsson consulting is completely independent and works with a highly diverse team of industry experts and technology specialists across Europe. 

We ensure business continuity for our clients by minimizing risks and enabling them to meet all regulatory requirements.

Regulatory requirements are constantly increasing (e.g. Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, supply chain due diligence, EU taxonomy, etc.). Consumers, investors and employees expect companies to conduct their activities sustainably and make a positive contribution to society. They are increasingly holding companies accountable for their actions.

Data, strategies and processes are essential in order to fulfil these expectations and meet one's own standards.

We support companies from the development of their sustainability strategies through effective implementation and impact measurement to reporting and communication.


Ensō - Awareness and

Ensō, the circle in Japanese calligraphy, and the concept of the circular economy have strong links.

Sustainability and circularity: The Ensō emphasizes unity with the universe and nature. The circular economy strives for a sustainable economic model in which products, materials and resources flow in cycles to minimize waste and reduce environmental impact.

The Ensō circle is represented by simple, minimal strokes, indicating the beauty of simplicity. Similarly, the circular economy strives for simplicity and minimalism.


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